Why Our Beef is Better

“Beef Just Got Better”

Not every cut meat is of high enough quality to wear the Tomer name. In fact, only 60% of beef that is readily available meets the strict Tomer acceptance standards. Furthermore, only half of the accepted product actually meets supervised standards for packaging and wears the Tomer Kosher label. Each piece of meat goes through meticulous process of inspection before being approved for enjoyment by the customer.

Purchasing kosher products is a healthy lifestyle choice for intelligent and health conscious shoppers that prefer not to sacrifice quality and taste for the sake of eating better. Providing such a product is the unabated goal of Tomer Kosher Foods. Eating kosher as a lifestyle choice is not a trend, it is a movement.

Why is Tomer Kosher Food a Better Choice?

Making healthier food choices for ones family and friends is paramount in maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. Tomer Kosher foods is at the forefront of providing better food options for consumers and retailers alike. Tomer Kosher products go through a certification process that requires strict examination of the ingredients, processing techniques, and even facilities that process the food. Such stringent regulations greatly reduce the opportunity for harmful contaminates or various bacteria to endanger the quality of food or the consumer. In addition, kosher meat facilities are managed and regulated by individuals that are subject to greater scrutiny and standards than everyday kosher products.

All kosher meat is cleaned 3 times before entering the packaging phase. The bottom line is very simple regarding Tomer Kosher products; greater food safety regulations bring peace of mind and better tasting products to consumers and retailers alike.